February 5, 2008


Memo to: Marg Hoff, Chair GTF Committee


Re: Public Meeting of February 2 at Earl Nichols Community Centre


The last meeting was unacceptable as a means of listening to the public.


1.      Outline of procedures were not followed.

2.      Set up does not allow Chair to see panel for questions  etc..

3.      Some committee members argued and debated with presenters.

4.      Three of presenters were there as a result of another  meeting where differences of views arose with member of panel (Councillor). Another member invited them to this meeting.

5.      A city councillor (H. Usher) took time to make an 8-10 minute attack on some members of panel and make a political statement.



 Set up so Chair can see panel members.

Rule out of order behaviour not in listening format.

Councillors; if able to do this then they should all be invited to make such statements.

Their role; as I understand it is to debate our report when it is presented.

This situation took away from the presentations of Mann; Ferguson; Armstrong and Crowell.


I am prepared to make motions at next GTF meeting to correct an injustice.

Bill Brock